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Primary and initial activity of the homestead was brewing beer. We started brewing beer in 1995. Martin Hohnjec is a beer lover and at first brewing beer was his hobby. Later he opened a restaurant, where they market their Haler beer trade mark.

In the mini-brewery they brew:

Naturally leavened Haler beer is brewed according to the German - old castle recipe. The first brewer acquired his knowledge in Hungary, where he learned about beer production for about a month. Later he was replaced by the second brewer, Martin's son-in-law Miran, who is also a huge beer lover. Now, together with his wife, Katja, they are trying to make something new and this year they made their own radler lime with less alcohol content.

The basic ingredient for beer production is beer malt; in our case is this barley malt. Beside beer malt we also need: Production itself lasts about 9 hours, and then the beer has to mature. After one month the beer is ready for tasting.

For production of Haler beer we are using two sorts of hops:

If you are interested in more detailed brewing process and you want to visit our little brewery then ask for a tour with a beer tasting, where the boss or the brewer will take you trough the brewery.

We offer:



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