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Domačija haler

Beer Haler

We have our own brewery where we brew light and dark beer. Naturally leavened Haler beer is brewed according to the German - old castle recipe. Our beer is natural and has no added preservatives. We offer draught beer or you can also take it to-go in two-liter bottles, 1.5 liter plastic bottle or a 6-pack (6 x 0.5 liter of beer in a carton). You can also reserve a brewery tour with tasting.

We have 4 different tastes of beer: A light beer is a barley beer; a dark beer has an addition of caramel and is thus sweeter.

They say that women prefer the taste of dark beer, and radler lime is good for warmer days, because it is refreshing and has less alcohol content.


Hops are from Savinja valley – we use Aurora and Golding types.

You can find out more about individual hop kinds and beer itself on brewery page.
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Open   monday - sunday 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Information : info@haler-sp.si
Reservation: : rezervacije@haler-sp.si
Phone reception : +386 (041) 200 260
Phone restaurant : +386 (03) 812 12 22
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